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Ecofriendly lighting

Let’s protect the sky and biodiversity


In recent decades, the excessive and incorrect use of artificial lighting at night has become a serious environmental problem. Light pollution is seriously affecting the ecosystem, disrupting biodiversity and affecting stargazing.

Let's protect the sky and biodiversity

Spectral and emission control in the upper hemisphere is coupled with reducing energy waste with more efficient luminaires. These luminaires offer dynamic adaptation to the environment through time zone control and variable spectrum.

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Less pollution light pollution

Preservation of the environment

Ecofriendly solutions

Prilux works to offer solutions that minimise impact by manufacturing flat glass luminaires with zero flux emission to the upper hemisphere (FHS=0).

They regulate the radio spectrum to limit radiation in the blue band and reduce light scattering in space for free contemplation of the sky. This is made possible by:

The reduction of the colour temperature <3,000K up to the possibility of reaching a PCA LED (1,890K).
Superimposing an amber filter on the LED to limit the emission of blue wavelengths.

Certified Solutions

Prilux certified solutions minimise impact by meeting the stringent requirements of the Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias (IAC) and national and international sky protection directives.

PRILUX: Company committed from May 2021 to SLOWLIGHT

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