Smart solutions for optimal lighting

Interior lighting

Adapts the lighting to the needs of each facility and space, according to natural light availability and room occupancy

An interior solution that provides maximum comfort and energy efficiency for professional indoor spaces by adjusting the lighting to the needs of the environment and the time of day.


It provides greater energy efficiency to the facility by adapting the lighting according to the amount of natural light and the presence of users.

Smart installations

The installation can be controlled and managed automatically, equipping interior spaces with smart lighting.

Energy savings

LED technology and control systems to reduce energy costs by up to 70%.

Who is our lighting for?

Appropriate interior lighting increases comfort and allows the needs of the space to be adapted to the different types of users and requirements of the activity being carried out.

Workers and

Provide optimum visual comfort for the user, improving productivity and concentration.

Municipalities and final ownership

Adaptability to lighting requirements stipulated by regulations.


Continuous advice before, during and after installation, to help with implementing projects in compliance with the requirements of the facilities and the current regulations.


Simple, fast and intuitive installation and start-up.

360º Customised Solutions

We help to create unique spaces by providing integral solutions for any type of project. We have a team of engineers and lighting designers available to offer you advice.

We study your project

Customised proposal

Start-up and configuration

After-sales service


We study your project


Customised proposal


Installation and configuration


After-sales service

Our cutting-edge technology

Dimming and control pack to provide optimum energy efficiency, making the light fittings smart and autonomous.

CTE Pack

Capacity for 10 light fittings. One push-button input.

Classroom /Offices Pack

Capacity for 20 light fittings. Two push-button inputs that manage two groups or lines of light fittings.

Classroom /Offices BT Pack

Capacity for 32 light fittings. 4 push-button inputs that manage 4 groups or lines of light fittings

No additional wiring required. Prilux light fittings directly compatible with Casambi.


Smart dimming for total light control
Presence sensor to activate lighting at times of use
Compatible with DALI lighting protocols and light fittings
Push-button control without the need for additional software

Efficient light fittings for indoor spaces

Prilux light fittings offer maximum efficiency, with the ability to scale the installation to any indoor lighting project.

Diverse range of light fittings

Light fittings designed in simple shapes that can fit into any professional space

Maximum efficiency

The LED technology of the light fittings, together with the control systems, provides maximum energy savings for the installation

Digital dimming

Light dimming using standard wired and wireless digital protocols to ensure compatibility and reliability

We help you in the implementation of the lighting control of your facilities: technical study, design, installation and configuration. Request a free study and we advise you without obligation.