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Sensors and sequences

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Technology, thanks to its evolution, makes it possible to talk about sustainability when it comes to lighting in cities.

One of the main actors that collaborate in energy efficiency are automation systems.

Prilux has options capable of adapting the power of the luminaire and its switching on according to the existing conditions. As well as the possibility of installing programmable drivers that facilitate flow regulation sequences according to time and/or schedule.

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Automation systems

Presence sensors

Keeps the luminaire at minimum performance by optimising consumption when there is no presence.
the presence of pedestrians, thus favouring
energy savings and efficiency. Once the sensor detects movement, the luminaire increases the luminous flux, providing adequate and safe lighting for the user.

Luminosity sensors

The brightness sensor enables the luminaire to dim when natural light disappears. In this way, the lighting is switched on at the right time, avoiding waste and unsafe dark environments.

Dimming sequences

By programming the driver, it is possible to set dimming sequences for the luminaire’s luminous flux. In this way, it is possible to create atmospheres according to the conditions and needs of the environment, optimising energy consumption to the maximum.

CLO constant flux emission

The CLO (Constant Light Output) function provides the ability to maintain a constant light output throughout the lifetime of the luminaire, avoiding waste of illumination at start-up and compensating for the degradation of the luminous efficiency of the LEDs. that occurs over time.

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