Renovation of street lighting

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Renovation of street lighting

Prilux has participated in the public lighting renovation project in the municipality of San Román de los Montes, in Toledo, under the PEMIS Lumen concept. This project has been carried out together with ARTECOIN, a consultancy and engineering firm specialising in sustainable and energy-efficient projects, and Electrotecnia Monrabal, the company in charge of implementation.

The aim was to completely transform the lighting system to become more energy efficient, reduce carbon emissions and improve the urban environment by making it safer for citizens.


The renovation has meant going from an initial power of 215 kW to a final power of 66 kW, which has meant an economic saving of 69% for the municipality. In addition, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere have been reduced by 332 tonnes.

According to Mayor Francisco Sánchez, these actions “have led to an increase in the lighting in the urbanisation itself, thus providing greater safety for residents and a saving that we will gradually see in our bills”.

Switch to LED

Some 1,600 luminaires have been replaced, of which 140 have been street lights and the remaining 90% residential, replacing the globe lamps that are so harmful to the environment and the quality of the night skies in favour of sustainability and energy efficiency.

The luminaires installed allow remote management from the control panel to regulate the intensity and luminous flux according to the needs of the roads.

The models installed were ARISA ROAD, ARISA 2 and UNIVERSAL OPTICAL GROUP.

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