Urban lighting with a compact, elegant and versatile design to illuminate the entire city
Versa’s more than 16 photometric distribution options respond to the requirements of any lighting projects for streets, roads, motorways, bike paths, parks, playgrounds and bridges. 
IK08/ Versa XL IK07
L90B10> 200.000h
-40~+35ºC / -40~+50 ºC (12LEDs)
Pressure valve
Versa luminaires are equipped with a pressure leveling valve that keeps the exterior and interior pressures balanced, avoiding the formation of moisture.
Maintenance with minimal tools
Maintenance operations are very easy to perform thanks to a simple design that makes its components very easy to access.
Service Life
Versa ensures optimal thermal management and maximum component life.


Cycle lanes
Pedestrian Zones
Residential Areas
Industrial perimeters
Car parks

Models Versa

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